our company

Náutica GDR was founded in 1975 to provide service to professional and recreational nautical safety teams, specializing in the service of liferafts.

During these years, Náutica GDR has become a benchmark of confidence in maritime safety and we are proud to have among our clients the most emblematic super yachts and cruises in the Mediterranean. Also, we provide service to local boats and fishing boats in the Balearic Islands.

The technical equipment of Náutica GDR is formed and certified by the own manufacturers of safety equipment and has a wide experience reviewing life rafts. We make revisions in accordance with national and international regulations and manufacturers' guidelines. Our commitment to training and the professional team makes us one of the best qualified review stations in the Balearics. Our clients are welcome to our workshop and we recommend that you visit us during the inspections of the security teams so that they can become familiar with your security equipment and our service. It will be a pleasure to arrange an appointment with you to visit our facilities.